The next generation fertilizer and seedbed

Proven Efficacy

Why settle for standard fertilizers when you can use BioRaiser and take care of your crop, land and environment at the same time

✔ 100% green ground coverage gained after 1 month with BioRaiser.

✔ Fertilizers do not eutrophicate water, stays absorbed in the ground.

✔ Non-toxic, NCP tested, contains approx 25% Nitrogen.

✔ 50-70% Water saving | 50-70% Fertilizer saving

✔ Normally fertilizers dissolve on first watering and do not stick around for the plants to use. BioRaiser holds them where they are needed.

✔ 20% more harvest, depending on the planted crop.

✔ Provides a "water bank" for sapling. 10 liters of BioRaiser restores 9 liters of water for the sapling + nitrogen when it biodegrades.

Proven result by Finland Agricultural Research Institute.

Inclusion of 20% volume of BioRaiser™ to black peat growing media speeds up tillering and growth after planting.

*Trays with BioRaiser are the 2nd and 4th from the left of the top row and 1st and 3rd on the lower row.

World Food Programme Certified

World Food Programme Certified

Revolutionary BioRaiser™

BioRaiser is a non toxic and completely biodegradable product, a hydrophilic seedbed and fertilizer with unrivaled performance. BioRaiser retains moisture up to 90% of its volume and releases it slowly into plant root systems.

Our capillary structure ensures an excellent absorbing capacity while releasing moisture and oxygen into the soils around the product. BioRaiser will also bind water-based nutrients and fertilizers to the soil while providing roots with additional oxygen that boosts their growth.

The crystalline structure of the product’s absorbent mass is porous and thin-walled. The volume of these air pores covers 95% of the total mass volume and when irrigated these pores fill with water that is slowly absorbed and retained for use by root systems. This water and oxygen combination, necessary for all plant life, remains in the tissues of the product.

BioRaiser speeds up the growth of crops using these extraordinary qualities. It stimulates new growth and enhances results even in areas prone to erosion or areas with low levels of nutrition.

Unique micro production in the container

Easy, local ecological production. 

Proven growth results by Agricultural Research Centre of Finland and Natural Resources Institute Finland

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